Art market conversation
Art market conversation

Our Story

We are experts in compliance and technology that have created partnerships required to assist galleries and art dealers in accessing the framework, people and tools to stay compliant.

Art Gallery Compliance was started as a collaboration between art dealers and fintech & compliance specialists to ensure that there is an easy way for the art community to meet new regulatory challenges. We leverage the latest technology in MLR and our network of compliance specialists and advisors to create a simple workflow for Art Galleries and Art Dealers to follow. On top of this, we provide essential components for art market participants to become compliant and meet regulatory obligations on an ongoing basis.

The main differentiator of Art Compliance Limited is that we demystify MLR for art market participants and provide an essential service at very competitive prices. This approach helps ensure that the art community continues to focus on building strong customer relationships, while we take care of compliance obligations.

Our Approach

Our vision is to help the art world focus on what they do best and enjoy doing, building relationships with the artists, collectors and fellow gallerists. Compliance should not come in a way of enjoying the industry you helped build.

Let us help you stay focused on what is important to you, while also keeping you compliant in light of the new regulation.

Next Steps…

Contact to find out how compliance obligations can be easily and cost-effectively satisfied, without putting your business at risk